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NSA Female from Scotland read her story ....for free ...

I joined a Scotland NSA contacts website basically because I have a voracious sexual appetite and find that first I get bored with males quickly and for some reasons guys just fall in love with me and want more than just sex.....

….YES I know crazy when a women says all she wants is a bit of open fun guys just don’t seem to grasp that I just want a bit of sex….then they can sod off

So in an effort to meet with males that wanted a Scottish female fuck buddy I turned to the internet and sex contacts sites…thankfully my choice for once was right and I now have a little collection of males that I can call on when you need a man for sex….this is my first blog posting I’ll be posting some more as I go along although to save upsetting feelings I won’t be mentioning members names or at least using the right names

Meeting up with female fuck buddies is fast and free if you want with Scottish Swingers 247 ....check out the photos from females looking for NSA sex contacts around Scotland

I meet Pete a few months ago and he was a married guy that wasn’t getting any enough sex from the wife and she knew he was swinging, well least he claimed that and I wasn’t going to question it. Id had a really shit day at work and was driving home feeling really quite frustrated and my pussy needed attention so sent Pete a text telling him to get round and give me a good seeing too…a few minutes later got a response and I told him I’d be waiting in bed and the door was open     

Lying in bed I was staring at the clock and getting fed up that he wasn’t here yet so decided to enjoy some fun myself and pushing my hand into my knickers started teasing and rubbing my clit. I doesn’t take much to get me wet, in fact I’ve been known in the past to take spare knickers to work just in case I get to worked up and need to change…I was rubbing and stroking my clit and pretty soon my knickers were soaked in juices as I do rather get wet and have even squirted once or was then I heard the door open and close and the sounds of someone walking up stairs

He opened the bedroom door and came in and lifted the cover from me knowing full well just where my hands would be and stripping off got straight onto the bed and between my tights and was liking the crotch of my wet knickers enjoying the taste of my juices. With his hand he then started teasing my clit and rubbing it on the outside knowing full well this drives me crazy as theres just something really horny about a guy teasing me whilst I’ve still got my knickers on and Pete knew just that

He pulled my knickers so that he could gain access to my pussy and once to one side slipped a finger inside me and started to finger me whilst licking my clit by now my juices were flowing and he was almost able to drink from my pussy with his finger pushing deep inside and as his tong was darting against my pussy I came.

Laying on my back I spread my legs wide and straight away he slipped three fingers deep inside me and being so wet they slipped in and was barely any point so pushed another and my juices were streaming from me and came again and pushing right down onto his hand Im now rubbing my clit and pushing down hard onto his hand and moving his hand around I realised he had 4 fingers inside me and reaching down I took his hand and pushed against it telling him to fist fuck me

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