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find your local Scottish dogging location

Scotland's Dogging Scene
looking for REAL DOGGING LOCATIONS in scotland well let me give you a tip don't use the website that offer free dogging information as its all bollocks !!! excuse my french !!!

You know one thing that really gets my back up is website's that offer fake dogging information or places that are only interested in getting you to phone some premium rate dogging telephone number knowing that the information is still probably completely out of date or not really used by any Scottish Doggers !!! so where do you find out about dogging locations in scotland or the North

the photos posted here are random contacts - but members can filter images to only show dogging wives

Within our swingers website we have chatroom's, forums & message boards that are constantly being used by members that are either posting dogging locations, looking to meet up with other Scottish doggers or warn others about possible problems and even better still all this information is FREE

Posted below is a direct link to the swingers & dogging profiles in Scotland, why not check out what's on offer then hit the join button and start chatting with REAL SCOTTISH DOGGING CONTACTS

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