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Scotland Transvestite Dogging Real Life Story

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My Glasgow dogging experience

I've been an owned slave to my master for a few months after I met him via a scottish transvestite website and when I first joined I didn't know just how much of an impact it would make on my sex life and whilst I wanted to find local contacts for me in glasgow little did I know I would get into the BDSM scene

Shortly after joining the site I was contacted by this master and over a few days we had various emails going between us which ended up with us meeting up and since then he's been training me, and each time we meet he seems to push my boundaries further and further

I had a phone call from him and he told to get get myself ready as we were having a little outing, which he knew was something I wasn't happy about as to be honest I'm not the most convincing Scottish crossdresser but what I lack in looks I do make up for with enthusiasm

I'd never tired dogging because like i said I'm not a tranny you would look at and wonder, but my master told me he wanted to take me and I knew I had to follow his orders - I went upstairs and got dressed with some stockings, little red mini & top and my blonde wig

He turned up and looked at me saying i would do and reaching into a bag got out a dog collar and lead and placed it around my neck and lead me out of the door and into his car. I didn't know of Glasgow dogging locations but by the way he was driving me he knew where he was taking me too!

We pulled up a car park that was very dark and by the looks of things on some small industrial estate, which I presume meant it would be private, but surely quite? and I only hoped other scottish dogger's knew about this otherwise I was going to have a long night waiting in the car ........BUT I got that wrong, as my master got out and walked me over with the lead to a lamp post and tried the dog lead onto it, then got out some handcuffs and put them on me

Now I was getting worried, especially when he walked away leaving me

An hour had gone by and nothing then I heard a some footsteps and walking over towards me were two guys and looking at me pulled my dress up and started playing with my cock, this instantly gave me a hard on, but I then heard one of the guys pull his zip down.

The other guy then pushed me over and leaning against the lamp post they pulled my knickers down and pulled my checks apart and it was then that I felt the end of his cock pushing against my tranny fanny

He pushed his cock deep into me and thankfully due to years of anal training my tranny pussy was able to take all his cock then the other guy came in front of me and with his cock out I started wanking him off

It didn't take the guy long before he came inside me and pulling out the other guy pushed me down and i started sucking him off and he shortly afterwards came inside my mouth and with this I came inside my knickers

They walked away and shortly afterwards my master returned and drove me home without saying a word and not knowing if I pleased him or not, but a few minutes after he dropped me off I got a text message saying "good girl"

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